Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Adore Shah Rukh Khan?

Well, Bollywood fan does! Anyway, I'm the biggest fan since his movie - "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" in 1997 (if not mistaken). Never missed the film leading by him or kajol then!

Surprisingly, I met him yesterday! Really! At KLCC, he had lunch @ Nando's - me/my son waited outside the shop, Actually he is in Malaysia for his new film"Don" in Langkawi.

HE came out and just a meter from me then blocked by his bodyguard. Frustrated but when he smiled and nodded his head to me....Wowwww..that time my heart cairrrr...bebbb!

I saw him again at GUCCI's house, he's there with this filmmaker - well known but couldn't remember his name. Shopping. Then, he rushed to the escalator with the BdyGd, turned around - smiled, waved, gave flying kiss and showing his thumb up....I was there, right in front of him, send back the wave...aiyaaa...syokkk wooo...

Today, told my niece about yesterday, she laughed then say "wancu nie...syok sgt kat SRK". Of course!

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