Thursday, November 18, 2010

UPSR Result...

For some pepel this n3 must be out dated but I dnt care!

Last week Tisya got her UPSR result, not so encouraging but ok laa..she got 2A. Hmmm how to say? She was sad, but i told her its ok, doesnt mean the end of the world, try your best in PMR/SPM, maybe she can't "see" it yet. Told her that she must understand the whole concept of why we must study hard to get the good result in this earth! This sooo exam-oriented things has been bugging our educational systems for such a long time. I hope that next government plan for the education could be more acceptable. Imagine more than 43k students scored all A's in their subject? Last night went to my SIL house, they were talking about their std 1 children  result, even if the children did get 5A in the  exam, they start making noise to their kids already. yup, like some other parents also they expected their children to score A in all subjects, haha parents nowaday are so pushy..(including myself???)

Terengganu has kept their 1st row in the list. I think because they eats lot of ikan aya (tongkol) ..haha.. the scientist found ikan aya consume lot of omega3 supplement. I think every excellent mum know what is the benfit of this omega3.

When I was kid, my mum does not buy this ikan tongkol coz she didnt like the smell. Just when i got married to my honey only i know how to eat this ikan together with nasi dagang! oooo..melalut dah ni..

Back to my daughter just now, ok la sayang, mama will give 100% attention on you this 6 weeks of holiday, to brush up yr skill for std 6 syllabus. That is my promise..

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