Friday, September 24, 2010

After 4 years in Blog

It has been 4 years since 2006 when I started write on blog. Actually I have no idea on what should I write in my blog. Just continue write and write what come accross my mind. Considering that my blog is just another way to write what actually happen in my colurful life.

Sharing a new hobby - gardening, actually is not new in my life, in fact since I was young, I always follow my mother to her kebun. She sown few vegetables and herbs, I like to help her in her small kebun. She sown durian tree, rambutan tree, mempelam tree, kacang botol, serai, sawi, eggplant, pegaga and etc. I remember when i was at std 4, mak bring back the seed of sawi and we spread it on the place that we use to grew the mempelam tree (was brought down since its getting bigger and the roots damage the house).

Last monday I started to sown onion by putting three of them in one pot. the leave already come out, will upload late, also to accompany them i sow some ubi kunyit into the small pot. 

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