Thursday, January 17, 2013

And the MOOD come again...


Mood gardening ni udah lama ditinggalkan sejak berpindah 7 months ago. Yg paling sedih nak tinggalkan rumah lama is my precious pokok serai kayu from the earlier entry. Firstly because it was from my FIL's kerja tangan (air layering/tut), secondly it was dead due to serangan kumbang putih. I did my own air layering yg tersempat buat la about 3 pieces. But the only survivor after 6 months is below. BUT it also dead last two weeks..huaaaaa...nak nangis...

And, after seeing Cameron Highland with their beautiful scenery of plants like fruits (strawberries), vegetables and flowers, my MOOD come back!

So I started my small "kebun" in front of my house and of course with the limited space, planting in the pot make sense to me.

 My Ulam Raja is growing well

 That spot must be covered to avoid cats laying their wastes there!
Gonna grow chillies, orka and cherry tomato and brinjal here (berangan)

 Cant live without it - anywhere possible for her  - "Cili Burung"

 Another Cili Burung in the pot!

 Rows of red onions - growing well

 A neighbour gave this Sabah Snake Grass to me - it can cure cancer at level 4 - according to him. Not sure but why not plant it, we must have this one in every house.

And of course my pandan, I have another outside as well.

My youngest son asked me, how many hours do we need to plant this mama before we could use it for our cooking? Haiya, this is not FARMVILLE 2 la dear...(tu dia..I totally need to correct this...haha)

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