Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Buah Katak Puru - Cynometra Cauliflora

I was looking around at tok abah's house last week and found that Pokok Katak Puru has lot of fruits since nobody want to eat them. So i picked up few and ate it - the taste was nice sweet sour when it ripe. But it is sooo sour when it is still young. 

According to mr wiki, the fruits are kidney-shaped, 5-10cm long and 5cm wide.The pod does not split open readily, but a line is visible along the fruit and divides it into two. The texture of the fruit surface is rough and wrinkled, pale greenish/yellow and dull looking. The flesh is juicy and yellow in colour. It produces a smell and tastes sourish. The seeds are large.

I took few pictures but this is the best from my Samsung Ace..Brought the fruit back to KL and huby loves to eat them..


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