Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pokok Salak - Salacca Zalacca

Tok Abah very keen of gardening and about 12 yrs ago he planted this tree, i was still in Kota Bharu that time. The tree start fruiting about 4 years ago and since he died last year, nobody taking care of this tree. I sneak around the tree and found that some of the fruits rotten and give a bad smell. I throw it away and start looking for more. I manage to get it and bring t to KL as well.

I like this buah salak since it is very juicy and so does my huby. Look at the trees, tok abah planted about 6 trees and 4 of them fruiting, the other two is male plants. Haha..male/female plant, don't ask me to describe how to differ it, u just know by seeing them..hehe..

obviously female plant
male plant
It sit between the thorns
My harvest!